Welcome to my world of color and movement

I'm Andrea, a creative specialized in Stop Motion and Commercial Photography. After finishing my degree in Advertising Communication, I worked for 6 years in Marketing for brands in the mass consumption and retail sector.

In 2018 I began to further explore my creativity and experiment with different artistic techniques in personal projects that led me to discover my passion for stop motion, tactile lettering and volumetric illustration with paper.

Today I work as an ally of brands and creative agencies in different parts of the world, promoting their image, brand message and content strategies.

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My work is at the intersection between the artistic and the strategic

Why I do what I do?

In Stop Motion I found a way to combine all my creative passions, reconnect with my inner child and bring out my most imaginative and curious side to help brands differentiate themselves and tell their story through animation and photography.

My work is defined by the union between digital and analog techniques where the feeling of 'handmade' takes center stage. The spectrum ranges from drawing letters with different materials or foods, to creating miniatures and 3D objects on paper that can be part of static or animated projects.

It is a dream come true, to be full time in my studio working for such inspiring brands and projects. My previous experiences have allowed me to achieve a strategic vision, understand and speak the language of brands and manage to transmit that in what I do.


A little more about me ...

If I'm not in the studio surrounded by tripods, lights, cameras and cardboard of all the colors of the rainbow, you will find me:


  • Trying not to pamper my dog Adela too much

  • Taking care of my plants, my goal is to have a jungle at home

  • Outdoors, taking advantage of the 361 days of good weather in the Canary Islands

  • Hunting the latest memes of the moment for my contribution to public service with my weekly section on Instagram Stories  #MondayMemetherapy

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